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Julia Briest Art awakens us all to see Mother Earth's natural creations through a new lens of life with her detailed natural fiber Mandalas and other works of fine art. 

Julia Briest, born in Royal Oak, Michigan, has been exposed to art at a young age with a mother as an artist, art teacher, art enthusiast and mentor. Julia has always been interested in drawing with pencil and pen and working with clay and ceramics.  As a child she was always touching plants and animals as she discovered her love for textures in nature. She further moved her love for textures into textiles with a Bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising from Western Michigan University. Julia and her husband Matt currently reside in the Greater Palm Springs area.    

Julia's latest Earth Art creations were born at the top of a mountain in Steamboat Springs, Colorado while on tour of the USA with her husband as the Compassion Sound Healers in the Fall of 2015. One day Julia asked Matt to take her down the mountain to the art store, Matt replied "Look around, you are in the art store". From that point on Julia became obsessed with collecting nature's finest dried art supplies (pinecones, acorn caps, flower pods, etc) creating what she calls "Earth Art Animals", "Nature Mandalas" and "Plant Based Food Art".

Her canvases are made of all natural materials, mostly wood such as aspen and birch bark, dead tree branches and cut fallen tree stumps.  She also recycles and repurposes wooden electrical power line spools as they make a perfect backdrop for her large nature Mandalas and art installations.

Her art supplies are either handpicked by Julia herself or by the generous donations of those who love and support her work. Being a plant based vegan, Julia instills her passion for life and all living creatures into her art as she is careful to not take too many sees and nuts that may alter the eco systems of life.  


Julia Briest Art is on display and for sale at the following California locations:

The Integratron, Landers, CA

The Spring Resort & Spa, Desert Hot Springs, CA

Cactus Mart, Yucca Valley, CA

Rainbow Stew, Yucca Valley, CA

Soul Connections, Joshua Tree, CA

Commissioned Art

Julia is currently available for commissioned art.

Gallery Showings
"Circles of Life" Gallery Showing

My hope for my art is to raise aweness of the beauty that surrounds us.  This beauty is a gift from our mother, mother Earth. 

The gift of life  

The gift of co-creation

The gift of the human experience

By the sheer miracle it takes for mother Earth's plant kingdom to create life from a single seed or nut to be placed upon her soil, along wth the element of water and our father Sun, together creating new life. 


It's from the fruits of her labor that bare the fruit, containing the seeds of life, only to drop upon the surface of mother Earth yet again to start the "Circle of Life" over. 

Circles of Life ia a gallery showing of a variety of Earth Art Nature Manadalas Julia has been creating since 2016.  Since the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic Julia has been guided to go public with her art and message. 

Contact Julia to create a public art installation in your city!


Meditative Mandala Art Classes are available at The Renewal Cleanse Program at The Spring Resort & Spa in Desert Hot Springs and upon request.


Facebook: @juliabriestart

Instagram: @juliabriestart

Email: juliabriestart@gmail.com

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