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Kathy M.

"I mean it when I say Julia has world-class skills in massage.  I came to her to see if she could loosen up the tissue around my frozen shoulder after talking with a surgeon about the need for shoulder surgery for a torn rotator cuff muscle.  After working with Julia biweekly, within three months she not only gave me full use of my shoulder but also elimnated the need for surgery. Her knowledge of the muscles and the massage techniques needed for my condition far exceeds any massage therapist in the Metro Detroit area!"

Gail B.

"I came to Julia because I was having headaches, vertigo and shoulder tension.  I visited her office weekly for a month doing half hour sessions to lessen the symptoms of vertigo.  Not only did the vertigo go away completely but she was able to relax my shoulders enough to stop the headaches from occuring.  Only only did Julia massage my head, neck and shoulders but she also give me some tips and solutions on how to alleviate stress in my life and taught me how not to 'carry the weight of the world' on my shoulders.  Now that I am pain free I come for half hour sesions once a month to stay ahead of the muscle tension in my upper body.

Mike O.


"Julia was able to achieve more range of motion in my shoulder, post surgery, in 6 weeks than physical therapy was able to do in 12 weeks.  She gave me stretches to help the muscles relax in between our sessions."

Emily R.


"I am a runner who came to Julia with a chronic problem of sciatic pain in my glutes which includes numbness going down my leg.  After just a few short sessions she was not only able to eliminate the sciatic pain in the glutes but also stop the numbness going down my leg.  Julia also gave me a daily stretching routine that stops the muscles from getting to a chronic condition.  Julia was also able to identify the emotional triggers in my life that were manifesting in my tissues, when I cleared up the emotional problem the physical problem went away too."

CWC respects the privacy of their clients. To maintain their anonymity, stock photos are used to represent actual clients.
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