It takes courage to grieve. Compassion will see you through it.

Grief Coaching


Any loss can bring about grief. Loss of a loved one, a job, status, the hope for a particular future...


Loss, and in turn, grief can take a toll on our heart, mind and our physical body. Each individual has the ability to heal, address issues, confront challenges and take action after a loss. Grief coaching brings these attributes to the surface at a time when they may not be apparent to the person struggling with the loss.


Grief Coaching isn’t solely focused on the individual’s improved emotional state, but also involves forging a positive vision for the future and creating strategies for achieving specific life goals with an emphasis on action and accountability. 


Both Matt and Julia and prepared and able to show you how you can walk through your grief, to the other side.

Somatic Grief Coaching


Grief does not only stem from death, but loss of any kind. Julia and Matt understand how loss and resulting grief manifest in the body. 


When we experience loss, we experience a heightened emotional state. If we do not work through our grief in a healthy way, emotions may be suppressed, ignored and stored in our body. Many studies have proven that when we suppress our emotions, they can manifest in our body physically as disease. When we are open to releasing emotional baggage, we are open to releasing the physical manifestations of those suppressed emotions. 


Through massage, Julia and Matt can assist your body in working your grief out of your tissues while they listen and coach from their committment to your holistic wellness.

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