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The Heart Opening Tour

Matt and Julia, the owners of Compassion Wellness Center and the Compassion Sound Healers, have been called to serve more people and open hearts across the US with their quartz crystal singing bowls! 


The 2015 Heart Opening Tour began in Ludington, Michigan, as they set sail on the SS Badger across the stunning waters of Lake Michigan heading toward Yellowstone National Park. From there, they continued on to Colorado, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico and other southern states.  They created their CD "Chakra Balance Meditation with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls" while on tour in Colorado.  Available now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more! 

The 2016 Quartz of Love Tour began in southern California with their CD release party at the Integratron in Landers, CA.  While on tour they added the Sound Bath Experience to the tour, a portable geodesic sound bath dome complete with 20 hammocks.  The tour continued into Michigan and Colorado with final roots back in sounthern California at Compassion Wellness Center of Southern California at The Ranch Estates.

Stay tuned! The tour dates and retreats will be updated frequently.

Contact Matt and Julia directly for a sound healing experience near you!

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