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Where are Matt & Julia?

Matt and Julia, the owners of Compassion Wellness Center, have been called
to serve more people and to open hearts across the United States 
with the healing sounds of their quartz crystal singing bowls! 

They are available for events, retreats and private sessions in your area.

Click here for tour dates and venues.
The Heart Opening Tour
is now underway!
For more information, contact Matt or Julia
Matt Briest: (616) 558-2368 /
Julia Briest: (248) 224-9684 /

    The 2015-16 fall/winter Heart Opening Tour began in Ludington, Michigan on August 15, 2015.
Matt and Julia set sail on the SS Badger across the waters of Lake Michigan and on to Yellowstone National Park, Colorado, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico and other southern states. 
Stay tuned for updates!

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